A few things of interest

Google /Code Search/

www.google.com/codesearch – interesting and useful service – but there are some concerns – Kottke has highlighted some.

Windows Vista has new Reduced Functionality Mode

Without stooping to the obvious joke – Windows Vista will ship with anti-piracy technology that will lock down the OS if it has not been activated within 30 days of first use.

Tourist Remover

...removes unwanted objects from your photos! Not some kind of sniper in Trafalgar Square but some clever technology at photo sharing site Snapmania.

Behind the magic curtain

A rare insight into the process behind Steve Job’s Apple keynote presentations Mike Evangelist spills the beans on Guardian Unlimited.

Photo Fakery

A good insight into photo manipulation detection Identifying falsified images can be straightforward if you know a few tricks.

Written by , Friday 6th October 2006


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