Now that's a good way to do comments!

Jack Slocum has done a great job and made a very swanky two-point-oooohh WordPress Comments System built with Yahoo! UI. Not only does it utilise some great animation effects and present a very useable system of commenting and viewing comments, it also introduces (at least I have never seen it before) a really cool idea – comments can be attached to the block they are commenting on – from Jack’s site:

New comments can be General Comments as well, or they can be “Block” comments. A “Block” is any paragraph, image, title or code in a post. When you select a block to comment on, it is highlighted in blue.

It’s well worth a look – great work.

Written by , Monday 16th October 2006



October 23, 2006

Sure is a great comment system (beats the hell out of yours ;))

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