Who's causing more fear?

Loving Wil Shipley’s Q&A with TSA Chairman John Pistole

Which brings me to this question: If you hired a security guard to watch your house, and 10 years later your neighbors said, “Hey, several times now dudes have tried to steal your shit, but we came over and stopped them each time after your security guy let them through,” would you continue to employ him? Especially if every time you tried to enter your house, he grabbed your nuts and took naked pictures of your wife?

I have very limited experience with the TSA but I did see them arrive mob-handed at a gate in Detroit and proceed to pull about 50% of the people out for ‘random bag rummaging’. There must have been at least 15 TSA agents for the 50 or so passengers – and they did all look immensely pleased with themselves to be the cause of so much muttering…

Written by , Friday 7th January 2011


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