Creating an autoplay DVD using iDVD '08

I ran into a problem following these Apple Knowledge Base instructions for iDVD ’08: Creating an autoplay DVD – I needed to make a single Quicktime file play automatically when the DVD is inserted, without showing the menu system.

Following the instructions I got inconsistent results – sometimes the resulting DVD worked exactly as intended, but sometimes the (empty) menu would be run when the DVD was inserted, rendering the DVD unusable.

While noodling around with options to try to make it work as intended, I found that if you bring up the Info inspector for the movie asset (not the Project Info), despite having turned on looping for the movie (step 5 in the Apple KB article), the inspector’s checkbox for ‘Loop Movie’ is unchecked (see screengrab) – checking this and following the rest of the instructions got me an autoplaying DVD.

My setup – iDVD ’08 (7.0.4) OSX 10.5.8 Mac Pro8-core – as is customary to say with these things – YMMV.

Written by , Friday 30th September 2011


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