Perfect Pitch

Jeremy Keith’s has fallen foul of a possibly dastardly use of the DMCA – either a huge and unwarranted over-reaction by the owner of or a very sneaky way of getting a page with a better search engine ranking for his ‘key phrase’ removed from the Google listing…

Updates 6th & 8th November ’09

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Stop bugging me Time Machine...

On OS X 10.5 (and maybe later, not tested), there’s a slightly annoying Time Machine dialog box that pops up each time a different external drive is plugged in – this is how to stop it.

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Restyling Xdebug output

The default output from Xdebug is a bit gaudy and not very nice from a design point of view… so I whipped up a quick bit of Jquery+CSS to restyle it on a per-page basis.

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More on 'free' work

Well written article about the dangers (both to clients and designers) of free, pro-bono and spec work by Emily Lewis at

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